wishaw and district sac member target rifle prone

At Wishaw and District SAC, smallbore prone is the most popular discipline undertaken by members. Shot indoors at a distance of 25 yards, each card has ten aiming targets which are divided into concentric scoring rings, the smallest of which (the bullseye) counts as 10 points. One shot is fired at each target for a maximum score of 100 points.

Shooters fire from the prone position - lying on their front, propped up on the elbows, and resting the rifle on their hands. To steady the rifle when aiming, a padded jacket (of stiff canvas or leather) is worn, along with a shooting sling (a plastic or leather belt) joining the non-dominant arm and rifle. A padded glove then cushions the supporting hand. The prone position is naturally very stable, and so aiming can be very accurate.


Smallbore prone is shot with purpose built .22 rimfire calibre Match rifles. Most rifles are bolt-actions (Anschütz, Feinwerkbau, and Walther are all leading brands), but some are Martini lever-actions (notably BSA); both types are single shot – loaded one bullet at a time. All are aimed with aperture sights mounted at either end of the barrel. 


The range accommodates shooting at a distance of 25 yards, however, smallbore prone is also shot at 50 metres and 100 yards on outdoor ranges. Club members regularly visit other ranges for Open Competitions, particularly at Alloa and District Rifle Club. Larger targets with larger scoring rings are used and as an extra challenge, shooters must compensate for the effects of crosswinds on their shots!

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As a result of the continuing situation with COVID-19, Wishaw and District SAC will be closed until further notice.