Frequently asked questions

Do I need perfect vision to be able to shoot?

No, many shooters including a number of our existing members wear glasses, contact lenses or specialist optical lense attached to the rear aperture of the sights.

I have heard a rifle kicks when it is fired; will it hurt?

Unlike shotguns or high calibre rifles, a .22 calibre rifle (target or sporting) has little to no recoil. The shooting disciplines at our club will not hurt your shoulder.

Do I have to be physically strong to be able to shoot?

During prone shooting, the weight of the rifle is held by a combination of bones, the shooting jacket and shooting sling, not necessarily the muscles. The sporting rifle is slightly different. As this discipline does not require a shooting jacket or a sling, the accuracy of the shots depends on an individuals prone position.

I have never fired a rifle before; can I still join?

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere! Wishaw and District SAC has a number of qualifed instructors to teach absolute beginners.

I don’t have any of the equipment mentioned; is this a problem?

No, we don’t expect beginners to have their own kit. Wishaw and District SAC has a selection of rifles and jackets, plus slings, gloves, and telescopes for beginners to use free of charge.

Do I need a license to shoot?

Yes, but only if you want to buy your own rifle. A Firearm Certificate would then be needed and is issued by Police Scotland at their discretion. This is not needed to use club equipment.

Is there an age limit to join Wishaw and District SAC?

At the moment, we can only accept members over the age of 18, however, this will be changing soon. As shooting requires mental power, people of all ages can compete - the oldest Olympic champion was Sweden's Oscar Swahn, who won gold in Stockholm 1912, aged 64!

As a result of the continuing situation with COVID-19, Wishaw and District SAC will be closed until further notice.